A versatile musician, Shawn Cole has a reputation for playing several instruments at the same time.  He is an accomplished harmonica player, drummer and guitarist.  His ability to play those three instruments at the same time while singing has led many people to call him The One-Man Quartet.

Cole energetically combines several genres of music in his live performances.  He performs nearly 200 shows each year!

Who is Shawn Cole?

Shawn Cole. A Brief History.


Shawn Cole was born in a small Indiana town in 1974. At the age of thirteen he was playing on stage as a drummer and singing in church. The early influence of gospel, and the highly energetic rhythms of the Chicago Blues produced a great platform from which a steady stream of music has been created.
Shortly after moving to Nebraska in 1993 Shawn met vocalist Kenny Jones and helped form the band Mustang Rain.  Mustang Rain opened for several Country music legends including the great Johnny Paycheck.  They also had their song Runaway Train performed at the Grand Ole' Opry.

Cole's next project was a collaboration with artists from around the globe in a band called World Vu.   Working with the band's creator, Hemant Desai, and other founding members the band released their debut album in 1997.

During the next several years Shawn toured with Blues artists C.A. Waller and Dr. John Walker. His reputation as a harmonicaist allowed him to play on the nationally syndicated "River City Folk" radio show, and record C.D. 's with several bands.   Cole recorded on a Richard Hill album in 2011 alongside  James Burton.

The most successful recording thus far has been the Bright Eyes album "Lifted or The Story is in the Soil Keep Your Ear to the Ground". The album, which was released in 2002, was listed as one of the top one hundred albums of the decade by The Rolling Stone Magazine.  The band Bright Eyes has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, and has been featured in every major music magazine.  Cole's combined recordings have sold more than 350,000 copies to date.

Cole's abilities have allowed him to share the stage with Willie Nelson, Johnny Paycheck and David Allen Coe.  His passion to perform has placed him on thousands of stages.  And those raucus, extremely energetic, performances have endeared him to his fans.