Tour Dates



23, Auburn, NE Country Club with DrUnK MoNkeY TriO

24, Getting off paper party in Washington, KS (private event)

28, Therapy Bar in Omaha, NE with DruNk MoNkeY tRiO, 7-11

30, The Elks Lodge in Junction City, KS. 7-11 with DrUnK MonKeY tRiO


1, Wedding in Belleville, KS (private) DrUnK MoNkeY

7, RC McGraws in Manhattan, KS with DrUnK MoNkeY tRiO, 7-11

8, The Cove at Milford Lake. 8-11

15, Benefit in Aurora, KS with DrUnK MoNkeY

21, The 1887 in Tarkio, MO, DrUnK MoNkeY tRiO, 7-10:30

22, DrUnK MoNkeY @ The Blazing Bull in Pawnee City, NE 9-1

23, Playing with CA Waller in Lincoln, NE

29,  Steele City, NE Halloween show, 9-1 DrUnK MoNkeY tRiO

30, Steele City SUNDAY FUNDAy  


3, Bluemont Hotel in Manhattan, KS 8-10

5, Across The Trax in Adams, NE 7-11

11, Ike's in Abilene, KS 8-11 with DrUnK MoNkeY

12, Elks Lodge in Junction City, KS 7-11  DrUnK MoNkeY

19, Would Eye in Falls City, NE 9-1

23, Thanksgiving Eve @ Bailey's Local in Eagle, NE with DrUnK MoNkEY,

25, Steele City, NE 9-1


1, Kansas Territory Brewery, Washington, KS 8-11

2, RC McGraws in Manhattan, KS with DrUnK MoNkeY tRiO, 7-11

3, Elks Lodge in Clay Center, KS 7-11

7, Therapy Bar in Omaha, 7-11 p.m., DrUnK MoNkEy tRiO

9, Auburn, NE Country Club, 7-1

10, 1887 Bar in Tarkio, MO DrUnK MoNkeY tRiO,  7-10:30

16, Seargeant Bluffs, IA Wedding Reception, 7-11

17, Schrank's Bar in Sloan , IA. 2-6 p.m.





26, Lori's Birthday SUNDAY FUNDAY w/ DrUnK MoNkeY.  Crete, NE



1,  Schrank's Bar in Sloan, IA 2-6 pm


14, Seth Schaefer's kid's grad party in Garland, NE

27, Returning to Linoma Beach in NE for some more fun! Private Party  7:30-11

28, Lee and Ariel's Boondoggle in Hanover, KS. Private Party


4th, SUNDAY FUNDAY in Steele City, NE. 3-7

16, College World Series Tailgate Party, (private event). Omaha, NE

17, College World Series Tailgate Party, (private event). Omaha, NE

24, Sandbar Party on Missouri River, Sloan, IA river rats 3-7p.m.


8, Lobsterfest (private event) Lincoln, NE

22, Rena Ballard Party in Wynstone, SD




9, Jeff K's Private Party in Cedar Creek, NE

13-17 Walnut Valley Music Festival in Winfield, KS

23, Tammy Nieman Memorial Party at The Salty Dog in Steele City, NE 


14,  Lyon's Colorado for Toni's Birthday

28?, Halloween show Steele City, NE Bar 9-1

29?, SUNDAY FUNDAY @ Steele City, NE Bar 3-7


24?, Steele City Bar, 9-1